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Welcome to New Age Owls Online High School

A unique online High School with an integrated Music Academy

NEW AGE - Where knowledges are required in Holism Manners;

ONLINE  -  Where Learning is without Geographical and Demographical Boundaries;

WORLD  -  Where Global Perspectives and Mindsets are developed;

LEARNING - Where achieving balance encouragement on Academic and Music excellency;

SCHOLARS  -   Where a team of Scholars & Musicians Nurture and Advise.
How Does New Age Owls Online High School Work? 

Our in-house Learning Management System (LMS) provides our teachers and students with powerful classroom content, well-organized to support personalized learning with digital interactive curriculums.  The future is hers.  New Age Owls is your family school where your children learn without limits.  

Who Should Attend?
  • Gifted and talented music students that require timetable flexibility.

  • Advanced students who outstretch their peers academically.

  • Those requiring additional supports such as Music Therapy for Autistic Children

  • Students who respond well to learning outside the traditional environment.

  • Those who move regularly and for whom bricks and mortar schools are not appropriate.

  • Those who cannot get a place in a bricks and mortar school and/or are on waiting lists.

  • Those who are not being challenged enough at current school.

  • Expat students living in the environment without access to high-quality bricks and mortar school.

Vibrant Community

Our Student Life staff makes online and in-person community-building events a key part of the student experience at New Age Owls's community.

Placement by Ability

New Age Owls belief in ability than age and grade level restrictions, through careful assessment, students are placed into courses by their mentally and psychologically readiness and academic ability.  

Scholarly Instructors

New Age Owls instructors, majority holding Masters and Ph.D.'s in their fields, guide and mentor students to reach their full academic and life time potentials.  

Class Size Matters (1:15)

We offer a teacher to students low ratio; each student gets the attention they need from their teachers. 

Global Student Body

Worldwide Multinationalities interact with each other and their teachers through our seminar-style discussion classes via our in house digital classroom meets.

Challenging Curriculum

From advanced middle school classes through Advance Placemet and Cambridge A-level courses, our curriculum challenges students at every level.  

Online Education

"A successful true education isn’t about conquering high fly sky grade scores by memorizing concise notes and pressurizing students to do well for the purpose of national  standardized tests of ivy leagues universities enrollments.

Nor is it providing your students a rigorous curriculum  that eventually lost interest on their academic learnings and unfortunately close up their creativities.  

We believe the fundamental education is to teach one to build intelligence with characters with resilient interdisciplinary skills of time management.

To be able to critically analyse thoughts and intelligently build life time skills that prepare profession for tomorrow digital world!

Every child has his or her learning life time potential.”


A quote from our teacher to co-founder of New Age Owls with more than 15 years online home school programs.

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