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Our Story

15 years ago, an expat family arrived in Shanghai with their baby boy born with genetically asthmatic and two VSC and ASD on his heart. The young couple spent tremendous hours on regular weekly pediatric visitation at WorldLink (known as Parkway now).  Few years had passed, the young asthmatic toddler was often affected by the weather changes of his breathing condition.  Medication was subscribed visit after visit on his regular three specialists: pediatric cardiologist,  pediatric otolaryngology, and pediatric pulmonologistial.  A special tag was carried on this toddler with plenty of outdoor restriction activities prohibition.  His parents were advised to home school this toddler when other toddler had great time spending with their age peers in kindergarten due to the polluted "smog" environment and weather changes condition.  The mother of the boy, who received entirely American curriculum from her home grown Singapore American School and her US-based university curriculum, started to homeschool her boy with fully American based curriculum in Shanghai.

By age 8, this baby boy had completed beyond his regular age-peer group curriculum.  He was in middle school home based.  At age 11, this young boy then baby has  successfully admitted to one of the elite high school in Shanghai with his standardized test of beyond his class peers!. In addition, he was selected to play in New England's Champion team of Boston in Beijing.  He was also invited to join this youth hockey champion team; was awarded plenty of MVPs in worldwide youth tournaments that includes the Shanghai Youth Ice Hockey Federation and Malaysia youth Ice Hockey Federation.  


Three years ago, after more than a decade in the cosmopolitan city of Shanghai, the family was relocated to their home based Singapore.  Awed  with the regional international schools’ tuition fees, and after years of invitation by surroundings friends and classmates' parents, this couple decided to share  their invaluable successful high quality holistic premium education pedagogy with combination of co- holistic music combination curriculums to worldwide parents like themselves.  

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